05/19/2020, 5:39 PM
Hi, i'm trying to import a
which I believe has the same spec, but pulumi is giving me a diff where the entire
array is going to be deleted. When I dump out my deployment object in the code, it has the containers array filled in. I'm guessing i'm wrong and the state doesn't match for the import. Is this a pulumi bug where it can't diff the array contents?
Here's an example.
So i think this is because i'm using a dynamic secret name:
envFrom.push({ secretRef: { name: secret.apply((s: k8s.core.v1.Secret) => s.metadata.name) } });
When i hard code this to a static string, i get a proper diff on the container


05/21/2020, 2:40 AM
@gorgeous-animal-95046 I would be extremely surprised if this was a bug in the pulumi diff code. the diff logic itself is provided by a very well-tested diff library.
I bet it is the dependency. @microscopic-florist-22719?