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# kubernetes
@white-balloon-205 or whoever has most recently touched pulumi/kubernetes, I think there might be a regression or bug in Pulumi 1.14 (Kubernetes provider 1.6.0) where: When changing env vars in a Deployment as in this thread: https://pulumi-community.slack.com/archives/CRFURDVQB/p1589939594223900?thread_ts=1585519243.027400&amp;cid=CRFURDVQB 1. Deployment resources are marked for "replace", not "update" despite having no changes incompatible with an update/PATCH 2.
is not used, causing the deployment to fail because deployment names are unique within a namespace and the creation fails I have two questions: 1. Is there a way to force the Kubernetes provider to perform an "update"? 2. Are there best practices for maintaining large lists of env vars to avoid bizarre updates like the one shown in the link above, where inserting an env var "out of order" resulted in a bizarre diff?
would be @gorgeous-egg-16927 - can you file an issue in pulumi/kubernetes please? We'll get this triaged
Thanks @billowy-army-68599!