Is it expected behavior that upgrading an AKS clus...
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Is it expected behavior that upgrading an AKS cluster will replace all resources ???
ok seems this is only the case during preview ... when actually applying, it does as expected 🙂
Can you provide the preview and apply output?
unfortunately I already applied the upgrade :S But what happened was that during the preview phase it detected that it should update the cluster (correct to upgrade the version from 1.15 to 1.16), but it also listed all my k8s resources to be replaced (namespaces, helm charts with ext-dns, nginx, cert-manager etc).
however when I applied it, all it did what update the cluster - which was the expected result. no k8s resources were replaced
I'm doing another upgrade (from 1.16.9 > 1.17.5), here is what pulumi up shows during preview:
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› pulumi up
Previewing update (k8s):
     Type                                                           Name
     pulumi:pulumi:Stack                                            tms-pulumi-k8s
 ~   ├─ azure:containerservice:KubernetesCluster                    k8s-dev-Cluster
 +-  ├─ pulumi:providers:kubernetes                                 k8s-dev-Provider
 +-  ├─ kubernetes:core:Namespace                                   app-services
 +-  ├─ kubernetes:<|>     pulumi-admins
 +-  ├─ kubernetes:core:Namespace                                   apps
 +-  ├─ kubernetes:<|>                   pulumi-devs-apps
 +-  ├─ kubernetes:<|>            pulumi-devs-apps
     ├─                                    k8s-dev-ingress
 +-  │  ├─ kubernetes:core:ServiceAccount                           app-services/k8s-dev-ingress
Can you provide the
preview --diff
I already completed the upgrade ... mayb enext time 😄