Hey, I suddenly got quite a problem after updating...
# kubernetes
Hey, I suddenly got quite a problem after updating to pulumi 2.7.1:
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export class HelmOperator extends ComponentResource {
  constructor(opts: any) {
    super('jameda:ops:platform:HelmClusterOperator', 'helm-operator', {}, opts);

    const namespace = 'kube-system';

    new kubernetes.helm.v3.Chart(
        chart: 'helm-operator',
        version: '1.1.0',
        resourcePrefix: 'helm-cluster-operator',
        values: {
          createCRD: true,
          helm: {
            versions: 'v3',
        fetchOpts: {
          repo: '<https://charts.fluxcd.io>',
      { parent: this }
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kubernetes:<http://apiextensions.k8s.io:CustomResourceDefinition|apiextensions.k8s.io:CustomResourceDefinition> (<http://helm-cluster-operator-helmreleases.helm.fluxcd.io|helm-cluster-operator-helmreleases.helm.fluxcd.io>): error: Duplicate resource URN 'urn:pulumi:prod::ops-eks::jameda:ops:Platform$jameda:ops:platform:Extensions$jameda:ops:platform:HelmClusterOperator$kubernetes:<http://helm.sh/v2:Chart$kubernetes:apiextensions.k8s.io/v1beta1:CustomResourceDefinition::helm-cluster-operator-helmreleases.helm.fluxcd.io';|helm.sh/v2:Chart$kubernetes:apiextensions.k8s.io/v1beta1:CustomResourceDefinition::helm-cluster-operator-helmreleases.helm.fluxcd.io';> try giving it a unique name
I don’t know why I get the error. There is no other resource created with that name. Chaning names does also not take any effect. Also deleted the complete stack, so there are currently no resources at the moment. Also it always shows
in the url, albeit it is helm v3. Does anyone have an idea?
Can you provide the
pulumi preview --diff
Sure @gentle-diamond-70147 I see only one entry with that URN as expected in the diff.