Hey there! I have an issue with <https://github.co...
# kubernetes
Hey there! I have an issue with https://github.com/containous/traefik-helm-chart deployment. Basically, "Finding Pods to direct traffic to" takes forever and crashes after a timeout. I use the modules below +
Master version1.17.7-gke.15
GKE cluster
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Previously, I was able to deploy everything without any issues, so I assume it is either Kubernetes API changes or pulumi's interaction with Kubernetes API. Can someone please help me identify the issue?
What do you mean with
? did you bump the k8s version between a previous and this deployment?
yes, I had a an earlier K8s version. Since GKE's Rapid release channel constantly updates cluster versions, I even tried the version 1.17.8-gke.17
The issue reproduced itself after the upgrade
are you pods actually healthy? can you check the pod logs/describe them?
@billowy-army-68599 give me 1 min, I will add cluster credentials to kube_config and check the pods via kubectl or k9s
after that I was planning on enabling logging with max verbosity for pulumi and redirect it to some out file
Traefik pod is fine, it is just pulumi doesn't recognise that it is healthy
can you run
kubectl get endpoints
? i suspect your service isn't finding those pods correctly. it uses Kubernetes labels to do that
Hmm, I guess I found the issue
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dmytro.zap@MAC-C02YG37SJGH ~ $ kubectl get endpoints
NAME            ENDPOINTS       AGE
kubernetes    177m
traefik         <none>          176m
win-webserver   68m
Load Balancer should be internal as External one won't have access to my cluster
I think they changed some syntax in their templates, and I just need to figure it out
yeah so the traefik kubernetes service should have labels on it which match the running pods. I'd recommend reading this page to get an idea: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/services-networking/service/
it does look like the helm chart is at fault here, unfortunately
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thanks @billowy-army-68599, it is definitely not a pulumi issue. I will play with the values file
@billowy-army-68599, I added this annotation:
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  enabled: true
  type: LoadBalancer
  # Additional annotations (e.g. for cloud provider specific config)
  # Additional entries here will be added to the service spec. Cannot contains
  # type, selector or ports entries.
    cloud.google.com/load-balancer-type: "Internal"
It looks like I need to play with labels as you said