```Hi all, I have to update a secret, but `pulumi ...
# kubernetes
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Hi all, I have to update a secret, but `pulumi up`
does not show any changes. If I delete the secret using kubectl it does not get recreated the next time I do `pulumi up``
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Only chance I had so far is to destroy the cluster and recreate it (which is bad). I see that destroy has the flag -t, but it seems that the resource name I am using is wrong. Is there a better way to work with this?
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sdicola@C02WW0K9HV2T ~/I/p/x/s/ksqldb (master) [255]> pulumi destroy -t   kubernetes:core/v1:Secret.ksqldb-secret
Previewing destroy (dev):
     Type                 Name        Plan     Info
     pulumi:pulumi:Stack  ksqldb-dev           1 error
  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (ksqldb-dev):
    error: Target 'kubernetes:core/v1:Secret.ksqldb-secret' could not be found in the stack. Did you forget to escape $ in your shell?