is there any plans to support `helm hooks` ? if he...
# kubernetes
is there any plans to support
helm hooks
? if helm chart has it, there is no way to install it
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"<|>": "pre-install,pre-upgrade"
    "<|>": "5"
    "<|>": "before-hook-creation,hook-succeeded"
helm chart (private) uses very deep integration with
helm hooks
@gorgeous-egg-16927 I saw this, but that transformation deletes all hooks… could you please help understand internally, does pulumi helm provider run
helm template
? before installing the chart? so to support hooks, we need to
helm template
first, parse annotations and set dependencies for pulumi resources?
I will appreciate the feedback here! thanks
We don’t have current plans to support helm hooks. Our provider uses
helm template
to generate YAML, and then works off of that: That said, we will likely rewrite support to use the Helm library directly later this year instead of shelling out to the
binary, so it might be possible to support at that point. I’m not sure without digging into it further.
for pulumi-helm?
looks like that provider supports helm hooks