# kubernetes


08/11/2020, 1:52 PM
I'm trying to set up an EKS cluster and, in order to have it working with Fargate, I need to update the definition of kube-dns, which comes by default with EKS. The easy way is to get the dns.yml file from AWS and then just to a
kubectl apply
. I'm trying to use
to apply those resources, but Pulumi seems to be unable to update existing resources:
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  kubernetes:core:ServiceAccount (kube-system/coredns):
    error: resource kube-system/coredns was not successfully created by the Kubernetes API server : serviceaccounts "coredns" already exists
Any ideas on how to bypass this? Importing those resources would be a tremendous amount of work (6 documents in that YAML file), also seems to be impossible ( and it means doing manual changes and having multiple runs of Pulumi, which is a big no-no for automation.