:wave: hello! New pulumi user here. Quick questio...
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👋 hello! New pulumi user here. Quick question on
. I’m trying to deploy some existing k8s yaml objects with Pulumi/Python. I’m creating a
from my file as shown in this tutorial. However, the tutorial then suggests querying the resources inside the ConfigFile by calling `get_resource(type, name)`[0]. but that function doesn’t exist. Is there a way to “query” the resources inside the ConfigFile in Python? [0] Code snippet:
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guestbook = k8s.yaml.ConfigFile('guestbook', 'guestbook-all-in-one.yaml')
# Export the private cluster IP address of the frontend.
frontend = guestbook.get_resource('v1/Service', 'frontend')  # <- fails
method should be the way to go. Perhaps you’re using the wrong name for the Service? You can also directly access the
property on that
class. You can see the implementation of that method here: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-kubernetes/blob/d9e686f4f9d6996e3eee3fece902d29a226bcf49/sdk/python/pulumi_kubernetes/yaml.py#L344-L363
huh, that’s really weird.. the error I get is that the method
doesn’t exist on the ConfigFile, not that it’s not finding the resource I’m querying for… Let me paste my entire code snippet, maybe I’m doing something stupid
Very odd.. it just worked this time 😕
well, thank you very much for the help, @gorgeous-egg-16927! I don’t really know what I was doing wrong before, but I’m glad it works now, and now I know to look at the source code when in doubt
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