Anyone know if it's safe to use <https://www.pulum...
# kubernetes
this won't work without a corresponding autoscaler pod unfortunately
@billowy-army-68599 I presume there is no api to apply to node autoscaler right, one needs to run it manually via kubectl ?
someone mentioned doing it via the k8s yaml package
i don't mind wrapping calls to
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what do you mean? you should be able to do it with Puumi
i'm talking about these commands
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kubectl apply -f <>
so the autoscaling in the kubs repo is for pod autoscaling
i need some way to do node autoscaling
basically apply that yaml
sorry i must be missing something ?
is it basically just through the yaml/config package ?
these are pod autoscalers, not node autoscalers
sorry just need to know if there some other api for node scaling
like i need to run stuff like this from exec other wise
*kubectl -n kube-system set image deployment.apps/cluster-autoscaler cluster-autoscaler=
which will require me to save out the kubeconfig to the default dir, which i was hoping not to do
@billowy-army-68599 ^
there is no API for node scaling, it's provided by the cluster autoscaler which basically decides to add a node if pods are in pending state. you can install everything in this file using pulumi or you can use the
resource. you could also use the helm chart:
right so that YAML is basically the same as what is on the aws page
it's just to properly
that, the docs say that you need to run few more kubctl commands for it tobe propertly functional
yeah, you can achieve the same thing as the
kubectl edit
is doing using a transformation
@bitter-application-91815 i can try write up an example of this for you but it'll take me a couple days as I've got something else in the works
no stress, but how about trying to run a command like this
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kubectl -n kube-system set image deployment.apps/cluster-autoscaler cluster-autoscaler=<|>
that's the last step
the edit should be doable
if you install from the helm chart you wouldn't need to do that: you'd just set the image version in your values
ah okay cool, shall go down that route in the morning, thanks Lee