I'm trying to deploy a Helm chart using Pulumi com...
# kubernetes
I'm trying to deploy a Helm chart using Pulumi component resource, I've got a values dictionary I am passing to the resource, but one of the values it needs is the name of the container registry to use, which is something I may create in my template, so the value is an Input<string> rather than just a string. This fails because the container registry name is not passed correctly, because it is an Input<T> any way to deal with this?
You can use an
to resolve the values dictionary, and then create the Helm chart inside of the apply. This makes previews unreliable, but it should work. I just took a look at the arg typing, and it appears that the types are more permissive than the implementation (i.e. the types allow Inputs, but the implementation expects prompt values). I’ll file an issue for that
Thanks @gorgeous-egg-16927 will try with wrapping in an apply for now