Hey all, is there a recommended approach for addin...
# kubernetes
Hey all, is there a recommended approach for adding a label to an already existing namespace "default" (using Go), was looking quickly at the SDK and it seemed to be limited to newly created namespaces only, and testing it quickly confirmed it.
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_, err = k8s.NewNamespace(ctx, "default", &k8s.NamespaceArgs{
		Metadata: &meta.ObjectMetaArgs{
			Labels: pulumi.StringMap{"foo": pulumi.String("bar")},
	}, pulumi.Provider(input.K8sProvider))
	if err != nil {
		return err
is importing the namespace an option? in that case you can just add it that way
ideally, I would like to keep this fully managed but can do an import as a workaround in the mean time. 👍
if you don't want to import, the kubernetes go-sdk is probably your best bet (not the pulumi kubernetes one)