Hello guys, I have an application that runs on kub...
# kubernetes
Hello guys, I have an application that runs on kubernetes and I want to write an operator for it. My idea is using pulumi for that. The Idea is that pulumi is installed inside the operator pod and invoked whenever the application config is changed. Do you see this as a viable approach or would you suggest using other technologies for that?
Would our operator do what you need? https://www.pulumi.com/blog/pulumi-kubernetes-operator/
Unfortunately no, because that would not give me kubectl syntax specific to my app. Suppose my app was called "TestApp". Ideally I'd be able to write e.g.
kubectl get testapps
. Which is not possible using only the pulumi kubernetes operator (?) Is there any easy way to achieve this or would I be better off wrining an operator for my app from scratch?