Hey guys, i'm looking to install load balancer men...
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Hey guys, i'm looking to install load balancer mentioned here for my eks cluster - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/eks/latest/userguide/alb-ingress.html
which SDK are you using?
I wrote a component resource to install this in nodejs: https://github.com/jaxxstorm/pulumi-aws-loadbalancercontroller you might be able to use it as inspiration for the Go SDK. I'll try and port it if I get some time
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Thanks @billowy-army-68599 i'll have a go
In your code, Jaxx you assume in the config there is a preexisting OIDC provider to attach to the policies
it's mentioned as step one in the aws notes
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Create an IAM OIDC provider and associate it with your cluster. Replace the <example values> (including <>) with your own.

eksctl utils associate-iam-oidc-provider \
    --region <region-code> \
    --cluster <my-cluster> \
is there a way to do this via the pulumi code, I can't see anything in aws/eks that resembles this ^
here's my cluster @bitter-application-91815
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const cluster = new eks.Cluster(`eks-${stack}`, {
    providerCredentialOpts: kubeconfigOpts,
    name: `lbrlabs-eks-${stack}`,
    vpcId: vpc,
    privateSubnetIds: privateSubnets,
    publicSubnetIds: publicSubnets,
    instanceType: "t2.medium",
    desiredCapacity: 2,
    minSize: 1,
    maxSize: 2,
    createOidcProvider: true, // this is the thing you need

export const clusterName = cluster.eksCluster.name
export const kubeconfig = cluster.kubeconfig
export const clusterOidcProvider = cluster.core.oidcProvider?.url
export const clusterOidcProviderArn = cluster.core.oidcProvider?.arn
yeah the go sdk doesn't have
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createOidcProvider: true, // this is the thing you need
so i was going to hand crank it
sorry hang on
no stress
ah yeah you found it already, you create the provider that way. You'll need to specify the cert thumbprint which is here: https://github.com/aws/aws-cdk/pull/6062/files#diff-1b5abdf4656d868abf37929ca321aeb6901593bb7bfcad698927ac4bfa1e4a6eR658
sound, will have a go