01/28/2021, 6:29 PM
Hey, I want to create a PVC and then use it in my Deployment with Pulumi. My default storage class on EBS has
set to wait for first consumer, meaning the PVC won't create the PV until a pod is created that uses it. Since I'm letting Pulumi dynamically name my PVC, I need to use to fetch the PVC name to use in my Deployment object. ^ That creates a "depends_on" behind the scenes where my Deployment will not be created unless the PVC gets created. The PVC gets blocked on creating (pulumi shows creating... forever) because Pulumi is waiting for the PVC to bind the volume which will never happen. My question is, how does anyone actually use PVC's with Pulumi.
The only test I could find that uses PVCs uses a hardcoded PVC name in the Deployment+ metadata of the PVC, so Pulumi never creates a depends_on link.


01/28/2021, 10:44 PM
can you try adding the following annotation to your PVC?
<|>: "true"