# kubernetes


03/15/2021, 10:00 PM
Hi. I'm trying to add an annotation on a service account. The code seems to work fine, at least I can see that the annotation gets added by
method but Pulumi doesn't detect any changes. I wonder if annotations attribute is being ignores as there is a high change of it being updated outside of Pulumi? If so is there a way to force adding specific annotation? Thank you!
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private deployCloudWatchAgentDaemonset(): k8s.yaml.ConfigFile {
    let serviceAccounts = this.serviceAccounts;

    return new k8s.yaml.ConfigFile('cloudwatch-agent-setup', {
        file: ContainerInsights.CW_AGENT_TEMPLATE,
        transformations: [(obj: any, _opts: pulumi.CustomResourceOptions) => {
            if (typeof serviceAccounts !== 'undefined') {
                ContainerInsights.setIamRoleArn(obj, serviceAccounts);
    { providers: { kubernetes: this.k8sProvider } });

private static setIamRoleArn(obj: any, serviceAccounts: pulumi.Output<any>): void {
    if (obj !== undefined && obj.kind == 'ServiceAccount') {
        serviceAccounts.apply(serviceAccounts => {
            if (typeof serviceAccounts !== 'undefined' && Object.keys(serviceAccounts).includes( {
                if (!obj.metadata.annotations) {
                    obj.metadata['annotations'] = {}
                obj.metadata.annotations['<|>'] = serviceAccounts[].role.arn;
Apparently, if the annotation exists in the template file (with a placeholder value) then Pulumi picks up the change (value set by the method).