I have a stacks, one with 3 clusters exporting the...
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I have a stacks, one with 3 clusters exporting their kubeconfig like
. A second stack which uses a stack reference and the predicable name to fetch the output, and create a provider to deploy stuff on the cluster. Since we are messing about with the clusters sometimes they need to be recreated. At that point the second stack is broken, i cannot destroy nor up since the cluster is replaced (error:
configured Kubernetes cluster is unreachable: unable to load schema information from the API server
) The fix is to manually edit the stack export json files are remove all references to stuff deployed on the cluster so i can destroy it. I’m looking for a) a way to not depend on the specific k8s api server endpoint but on what it gets from the stack reference or b) a --ignore-errors and delete whatever you can find option removing the things you cannot. Any hints?