Can anyone give my an idea how to debug this error...
# kubernetes
Can anyone give my an idea how to debug this error message. I'm trying to deploy
. I get the same error for a few of the resources
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error: 2 errors occurred:
        * the Kubernetes API server reported that "kube-system/kube-prometheus-stack-kube-controller-manager" failed to fully initialize or become live: 'kube-prometheus-stack-kube-controller-manager' timed out waiting to be Ready
        * Service does not target any Pods. Selected Pods may not be ready, or field '.spec.selector' may not match labels on any Pods
Here is the code
Pulumi waits for services to become ready, and it sounds like one of your services never initialized correctly. You likely want to look at the status of the pods targeted by the selector mentioned in the error message to see why those pods aren’t starting up correctly (they may be crash-looping, or there may not be nodes available for them to run on). If you want to allow them to fail, but still have the Pulumi deployment succeed, you can use skipAwait:
The problem is that none of those pods targeted exist. I think Pulumi is incorrectly calculating resource graph for this chart. The services exist but the pods don't and thus Pulumi just waits endlessly. This happens for all of there services in the screenshot. I can try to add the skipAwait to each of these services