Anyone ever experience a refresh on a helm chart c...
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Anyone ever experience a refresh on a helm chart causing pulumi to think
on an ingress is different than what it actually is. Basically in reality my ingress is
but when I refresh pulumi changes state to
and then when I preview it shows it wanting to change it to
which it already is... I'm also seeing this
Ingress has at least one rule that does not target any Service. Field '.spec.rules[].http.paths[].backend.serviceName' may not match any active Service
which is also around this helmchart and ingress. I found an issue form 2020 around this. Basically then it was simply a misconfigured helmchart. However, I have confirmed that my labels are correct and my label selectors all line up.
I believe it is all related because the spec path changes from
in the newer api.
and i'm also seeing
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No matching service found for ingress rule: "<|>" -> ""
which leads me to believe it's getting undefined trying to access the incorrect property.
we recently bumped our kube api in eks from 1.14 --> 1.19 so I know this has some deprecated and removed API things as well. however, I wouldn't think deprecated would mean not working.
the helm chart ingress is also
apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
so I really have no idea where pulumi is deciding oh wait a second this is the new api
it just hangs
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`  No matching service found for ingress rule:
but it's not true. the service is found and the ingress even works
I had the same thing. ingress worked but the console was complaining and hanging. Changing the definition from the v1beta to this, worked fine.
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new k8s.networking.v1.Ingress(...)
damn, glad to know... sadly i'm using a helm chart and isn't the new version. I'll try a transformation.
definitely something strange in the ingress await logic. can't figure out what. . Somewhere around
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Even tried SkipAwait:true annotation and it didn't help```