This does lead me to another thing though.. is the...
# kubernetes
This does lead me to another thing though.. is there any way of ignoring such changes? I know it's possible to do ignoreChanges on a resource - but how do I match the underlying components in the helm chart? Basically I want to set a little flag that will state that typically I do not want to cycle these certs every single time I operate against the stack.. i.e. ignore akv2k8s/, etc..
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├─ kubernetes:<|>                                                 akv2k8s
 ++  │  ├─ kubernetes:core/v1:Secret                                                akv2k8s/akv2k8s-envinjector-ca    created replacement     [diff: ~data];
 ++  │  ├─ kubernetes:core/v1:Secret                                                akv2k8s/akv2k8s-envinjector-tls   created replacement     [diff: ~data];
 ~   │  ├─ kubernetes:apps/v1:Deployment                                            akv2k8s/akv2k8s-envinjector       updated                 [diff: ~spec]; Deployment initialization
 ~   │  └─ kubernetes:<|>  akv2k8s/akv2k8s-envinjector       updated                 [diff: ~webhooks]
How do I match that?