Hey all, When running on linux and doing a `new do...
# kubernetes
Hey all, When running on linux and doing a
new docker.Image(...
, with a
registry: {server: {azure container registry login server here}
, I'm getting the error
Error: No digest available for image {registry:tag}
This process works on windows with the exact same pulumi version and stack (but has other issues with WSL and file ownership, speed etc..) Per this file, running
docker image inspect -f {{.Id}} imageName
in a terminal gives a correct output and pushing it with
docker push {registry:tag}
runs fine outside of pulumi It looks like this was a prior issue here and here but i'm running v2.25.2 so I'm not sure where to go
would you be able to share the code you have?
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Cut down code is below I've actually logged an issue in the pulumi-docker repo here, it might be a different issue as a more common one I'm getting is
docker login failed with exit code 1
which this issue might be a subsequent one as it cannot push.
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const appBaseImage = new docker.Image(`${componentName}-image`, {
    imageName: out.appBaseImageUri,
    build: {
      args: {
        UBUNTU_VERSION: "...",
        UBUNTU_RELEASE: "...",
        NODE_VERSION: "...",
        APP_VERSION: "...",
      context: `./content/app-docker-base`,
    registry: {
      server: k8sRegistryLoginServer,
      username: k8sRegistryUsername,
      password: k8sRegistryPassword,
This was resolved by migrating from the docker snap to the official docker CE dist