Has anyone worked with the Prometheus helm chart w...
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Has anyone worked with the Prometheus helm chart with Pulumi? I've been able to deploy it initially without issue, however when it comes to upgrading the version it fails, it seems that Pulumi creates a new replica set and waits for it to be ready before turning the old one down to 0, however Prometheus server pod can't start becuause it can't get a lock on the volume, because the old pod is still using it. Going in and setting the old replica set to 0 resolves it. Anyone have an idea on resolving this?
hmm i haven't confirmed, but I think this might be related to helm hooks. do you get a hook warning when you provision the helm chart?
@miniature-leather-70472 had the same, the trick is to change the strategy to Recreate
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values: {
          server: {
            strategy: {
              type: 'Recreate',
@proud-pizza-80589 thanks, will try that out