Can I clone a running stack from one cluster to an...
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Can I clone a running stack from one cluster to another? What would be the Pulumi API to attempt this? Could I clone a deployed running stack in the Pulumi service, and rewire everything? Is there a negative(?) to
pulumi refresh
which would presumably refresh the cluster state based off the Pulumi stack state? I want to copy over a bunch of running pods from my toy cluster to a live cluster, and skip the deployment-from-scratch workflow altogether; what's interesting to me is the actual state of the app, I want to keep what I was tinkering with in the toy cluster (memory state, PVCs). Kind of like freezing a VM and moving it to another hypervisor, but for an already deployed k8s app... A non-me use-case could be to clone the state of an k8s app and send it as-is to a friend to run on their cluster (many assumptions withstanding) Maybe sething at the container/pod/resource layer can be used? I suppose I could keep searching for DRP, whole cluster import/export/backup patterns, not sure if this is a valid use-case in other contexts... Maybe I need to think differently about all this; feedback appreciated :-)
you can
pulumi import
the resources that are already provisioned, then switch stacks and
to provision them in a new stack/cluster
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