Is there a way when creating a service to tell it ...
# kubernetes
Is there a way when creating a service to tell it to not wait for any pods to be ready? Specifically, we create our services prior to creating the Deployments/DaemonSets, as we depend on the service environment variable injection to happen into the later-created pods. With Pulumi, I’ve expressed the dependency (i.e. the Deployment has a DependsOn the Service objects), but the Service itself never becomes ready as it is in stuck in the “Finding Pods to direct traffic to” stage (1/3). I’d like to tell it to not do that.
As I was writing this, I thought of a new place to look in the docs and found this:
'<|>: "true"'
. Let me try it.
ah you found it 🙂
well I'm glad you posted this, I learned something today 🙂
We are also working on a more global setting to skip the await logic:
Thanks @sparse-park-68967 and @billowy-army-68599, that did seem to work as I wanted it to. It would be nice if this was also a resource option and not just an annotation on the Kubernetes object itself.