I miss the fast-feedback of TDD workflows in pulum...
# kubernetes
I miss the fast-feedback of TDD workflows in pulumi land, and I remember seeing some test driven examples (I think compliance-related, ensuring some resources are of a specific type, kind of stuff) Is anyone building their stacks in a test-driven way? I'm planning to refactor one stack into two, and I'd like an automatic test to tell me that everything's green. I believe I could use the outputs/exports to have the stacks inter-communicate(?) What does "test-driven" mean in a cloud engineering context anyway? I'm thinking I should be able to boot-up an Ubuntu VM with microk8s in it, boot up the k8s pulumi stack, run some tests, and then tear everything down. Later this could fit into some CI pipeline. (I'm working locally, not on a public cloud, and the feedback loop is painfully slow)