How to access a service account's secret programma...
# kubernetes
How to access a service account's secret programmatically? Goal is to output the base64 decoded secret as an output variable, and refactor this hack:
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export const getTokenWith = pulumi.interpolate `kubectl get secret/${dashboardServiceAccount.secrets[0].name} -n kube-system -o go-template='{{.data.token | base64decode}}'`
which "works" by returning:
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getTokenWith: "kubectl get secret/admin-user-ys16knlv-token-xpqss -n kube-system -o go-template='{{.data.token | base64decode}}'"
which I then copy paste to get what I really need to log into the kubernetes dashboard with a token...
Maybe what I'm asking (in general) is: How to access a dependent auto-created sub-resource? I suppose there is a way to traverse the state DAG programmatically? The only examples I've seen so far were to access the state of explicitly defined resources, for which I have a direct programmatic handle on.
Looks like could be used to read state, but shouldn't Pulumi already be aware of the child secret resource? or do I need to first so I can get a programmatic handle on the child-resource? (this approach looks redundant, as Pulumi is probably already aware of the secret)
Is the secret created in pulumi? You should be able to export it explicitly. You will need to pass the
to show the secret when you do a
pulumi stack output