I’m creating an apps/v1:Deployment. Something is ...
# kubernetes
I’m creating an apps/v1:Deployment. Something is wrong in my spec I think, but Pulumi is masking my entire spec as a Secret making it hard to debug? Is there something causing this? I don’t think I’m even using a secret as an input to the Spec? eg,
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+ kubernetes:apps/v1:Deployment: (create)
        apiVersion: "apps/v1"
        kind      : "Deployment"
        metadata  : {
            labels   : {
                <http://app.kubernetes.io/managed-by|app.kubernetes.io/managed-by>: "pulumi"
            name     : "be-innkeeper"
            namespace: "default"
        spec      : "[secret]"
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i'm guessing you actually are referring to a secret somewhere, but you'd need to look through your code to track it down
just one of many examples, if you use Pulumi to build an image, which reads in a secret as a build arg, even though the resulting image does not contain any secrets in its properties, if you reference that image object it will be treated as a secret