but the only methods I see are `corev1.GetServiceA...
# kubernetes
but the only methods I see are
which requires a Pulumi ID
are you looking to pull it into state?
if so, you can
it. but if not, the solution is not Pulumi-specific - you can just use whatever programming language you are using to run the equivalent command as
kubectl annotate
The pulumi ID is the
of the resource.
Thanks! kind of cumbersome that you need to sync up the declared resource config exactly with the config of the existing resource. In this case, that means figuring out all the fields of the SA, which you may not care about or even want managed by Pulumi
just some feedback there. In this case, I just want to "import" the annotation of the service account, meaning I only want Pulumi to track and care about changes to that field of the existing resource