Hi everyone! When I setup a eks cluster with pulum...
# kubernetes
Hi everyone! When I setup a eks cluster with pulumi in aws I get
"Container runtime not ready: cni not initialized".
This can be solved by running
export kubever=$(kubectl version | base64 | tr -d '\n')
kubectl apply -f "<https://cloud.weave.works/k8s/net?k8s-version=$kubever>"
. This obviously requires manual input which doesnt work for a automatic cicd pipeline, so Id love to do it in the declaration of the cluster with pulumi. I could hand in a recreation of the used .yaml file as
, but that would lead to very large, hardly readable codeblock and would require manual changes when the kubernetes version changes. Which leads me to my question: Is there a better way to handle the network initialization?
how are you defining your EKS cluster? EKS uses the AWS VPC CNI by default and it should have been installed
can you share your code?
Nothing out of the ordinary I think, could the issue be related to the default vpc thats used?