hi, having a problem here with nodes not being abl...
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hi, having a problem here with nodes not being able to communicate with the dns service on another node. wondering if it’s the security group policy thats causing the problem. I used eks.Cluster to create my cluster and eks.NodeGroup to create a nodeGroup for the cluster. is it looks like a security group is created automatically when i do that. do i need to do anything else? to elaborate a bit more, my problem is pods running on nodes without the dns service cannot reach the dns service at all.
@dry-teacher-74595 what CNI are you using? the default?
can you share your code>
yea i was using the default, it looks like it was a problem with the security groups? eks.Cluster created a security group, and eks.NodeGroup created another, once i let them talk to each other it seems to have worked. whats the best way of setting this up?
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const cluster = new eks.Cluster("cluster", {
        name: "formations",
        subnetIds: vpcs.dev.publicSubnetIds,
        vpcId: vpcs.dev.id,
        desiredCapacity: 2,
        maxSize: 4,
        minSize: 1,
        storageClasses: "gp2",
        providerCredentialOpts: {
            roleArn: formations_config.require("eksRole")
        version: "1.21"

    const nodeGroup = new eks.NodeGroup("eks-nodegroup", {
        cluster: cluster,
        minSize: 2,
        maxSize: 6,
        version: "1.21"
this is what i have now
how did you create your VPC? does it have working routing in the public subnet (ie, can you ping one node from another?)
the vpc is created with all default parameters
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dev: new awsx.ec2.Vpc("dev", {}),
i think it can ping 1 node from another….but i also havnt tried. our previous application was a single elasticbeanstalk instance so i dont think anyone tested that
There's a lot that could be wrong here, Kubernetes is very complex...