I'm using a pulumi ts codebase to deploy a helm ch...
# kubernetes
I'm using a pulumi ts codebase to deploy a helm chart that I've been running directly via helm cmds for a while. Pulumi successfully deploys the helm charts and all functions and health indicators perform as desired. I appear to be running into a superficial issue where pulumi believes the ingress objects are orphaned with no associated service backends however the ingress and services are functioning correctly to provide my api and webui components perfectly. REPO: https://github.com/usrbinkat/pulumi-kongee-on-k8s Bug / in flight troubleshooting details: https://github.com/usrbinkat/pulumi-kongee-on-k8s/issues/1
Pulumi version v3.12.0 for posterity
@billowy-army-68599 IDK if this is of interest to you. Is related to the end goal we discussed some weeks ago.
@busy-journalist-6936 I’m not at a computer right now, but I think this is related to the ingress api deprecation it mentions.
hrm, I'll locally modify the helm chart to adjust for the new api version and see if that resolves the issue. I wont complain if it leads to a PR to solve that in the upstream chart. Thanks for the second pair of eyes.
You can use a transformation!
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wait, wrong link
there, will that be what you're saying would help?
yeah you can use that to transform the ingress api version to transform the apiVersion of all your ingress resources to the supported version