Hi everyone! I currently have Kubernetes setup in ...
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Hi everyone! I currently have Kubernetes setup in a stack (call it kubernetes stack) and i need to reference the provider in kubernetes stack from another stack (call the second stack meta-stack). Also to add, I don't want to export
as I don't want its value to be printed to the command line. I just need to make the provider in
call from
kubernetes stack
You could mark the kubeconfig as a secret and it won't be dumped raw into the command line. Then refer to the kubeconfig from the meta stack using a stack reference. You could also do this through an automation api program instead where you run the
kubernetes stack
first, pull out the kubeconfig (still exported as an output) and then run the meta stack from the same program. With this you could just export the kubeconfig to a file and set KUBECONFIG env var before initiating the second stack (or use the stack reference trick above)
Thanks for responding Vivek! I implemented something similar. Thanks for the help