Does anyone know what's the reason behind this err...
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Does anyone know what's the reason behind this error from
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unable to run program: Error: Missing item separator

  on pcl-546459028.pp line 80:
  75: envFrom = [
  76: {
  77: configMapRef = {
  78: name = "global-configmap"
  79: },
  80: }
  81: {

Expected a comma to mark the beginning of the next item.
Seems to be a bug with kube2pulumi?
converts Kubernetes YAML to Pulumi code, but what you’ve shared doesn’t appear to be YAML. It looks like a Puppet manifest?
It's indeed yaml, the config shown in the error is a typescript object that it tried to convert to.
Other yaml to js object converters work just fine btw
Can you share your YAML, please
It's very long, I'll only share the part where it fails to parse
If it’s a known issue, I’m not sure there’s much I can help you with atm. I’ll take a look at it though 👍
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@important-vegetable-39003 is it an option to just remove that configmap from the yaml then convert? you can do a manual conversion for that configmap
I've just use other yaml to js objects converters
Basically same thing, just need to add the actual classes