Good morning! what is the best way to configure a ...
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Good morning! what is the best way to configure a container environment with pulumi? Obviously it will contain secrets so it cant be committed to git, is there a way to persist the config and then pass it to the container? Also, on a code level, how can I "mass" pass the variables without creating them one by one in the code?
Morning @sparse-butcher-73713 - you are actually able to commit secrets to git if you put them inside the config:
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pulumi config set <key> <value> -- secret
whoah - so pulumi will encrypt them? with the pulumi key or the configured provider?
by default, it'll be a key configured by pulumi, but you can encrypt them with an aws kms key, google cloud key or azure kms key when you create the stack
Ok got it
it there any short hand way to transfer all key-values from config to the container environment variables?
or just put them in one by one
also I couldn't find any examples on how to use
which sounds like could be it
and then pass the configuration object to the container
mmm yes, interesting - use a JsonObject