Is it possible to prevent the k8s provider from re...
# kubernetes
Is it possible to prevent the k8s provider from reading the local kubeconfig file? IOW, requiring every request to explicitly specify a cluster via a provider?
I want to ensure that we aren’t missing a provider on any of our calls, where we could end up running against the wrong cluster.
I second this questions. I just ran into the following issue:I have a basic pulumi program that created a deployment, service and ingress to Cluster A a few days ago, This morning I switched my context to Cluster B for some other work and then came back to my pulumi program to create other objects for Cluster A but when I ran
pulumi up
it pushed the new objects to Cluster B. Now my [local] state (I don’t use the pulumi cloud, atm) is out of sync. I had to manually delete the new objects from Cluster B then do a
pulumi refresh
against Cluster A.
not at the moment, we've generally considered this user error, but I've opened to track some improvements there
the reason this happens is because we use
for the provider, which ambiently picks up the kubeconfig
thanks @billowy-army-68599