I'm setting up a Lambda function with API Gateway....
# aws
I'm setting up a Lambda function with API Gateway. I'd like to use the resulting API url (eg
) as an environment variable within the Lambda. However, the lambda is created at a point where I don't yet have the API gateway url. How might I get around this?
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const myLambda = new aws.lambda.Function("my-handler", {
  runtime: aws.lambda.Python3d7Runtime,
  code: new pulumi.asset.FileArchive("my-package.zip"),
  handler: "handler.lambda_handler",
  environment: {
    variables: {
      ENV_VARIABLE_1: 'foo',

const endpoint = new awsx.apigateway.API("my-gateway", {
  routes: [{
      path: "/{proxy+}",
      method: "ANY",
      eventHandler: aws.lambda.Function.get("my-lambda", myLambda.id),
Yes - because the awsx
helper creates both the rest api and the routes at once, I don’t believe there is any way to break this cycle currently. You would need to do something like use an additional data store for this - like parameter store or s3 or dynamodb. If you wouldn’t mind opening an issue on this - it’s come up a couple times recently - and would be good to look into ways to enable it more seamlessly.