I’ve been building a CloudFront distribution today...
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I’ve been building a CloudFront distribution today and noticed that whenever I’m making changes to the distribution, pulumi waits indefinitely for the updates to complete (even after the distribution status is back to “Deployed”). For example, I made a change that updated some custom error pages. Pulumi initiated the change, after a few minutes the change was complete and the distribution returned to the “Deployed” state and the new changes were visible in the console. However, the
pulumi up
command continued to wait for it to complete, right up until the AWS credentials it was using expired (~15 minutes after the change was complete). this has happened every time i’ve made an update to the distribution. Any ideas what might be causing this?
i tried working around this issue by adding this to the resource options:
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customTimeouts: {
    update: "15m"
but it doesn’t appear to have any effect, it still hangs and waits until the credentials expire (one hour).
some extra troubleshooting information if it helps: typescript project pulumi cli v1.8.1 @pulumi/aws v1.18.0 @pulumi/pulumi v1.8.1 node v10.12.0 running on macos catalina
Could you open an issue at github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws ?
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