I'm running into something interesting here with m...
# aws
I'm running into something interesting here with my two fargate services that I wanted to see if anyone else was seeing. I'm building two http services from a single multi-stage dockerfile, but with different targets. I have created two `awsx.ecs.Image`s from docker builds that specify each target individually. I have created two
, one using each image. Sometimes, when I run
pulumi up
to build and deploy the images both services end up using the image for the 'later' of the two docker image targets, ie. the one that is further down the Dockerfile. Does anyone else have a similar problem? I'd like to not have to split up the build stages in the Dockerfile because they both build off of a shared 'fetch dependencies and prereqs' stage. I've worked around it in the meantime by managing the images and their backing ECR repositories manually, pushing those before I do the
pulumi up
operation, but it was nice to let pulumi manage that for me :D