02/18/2020, 5:46 PM
I have one issue with Pulumi and AWS EKS. If I create an AWS EKS entity like this (#1):
        self.my_cluster = eks.Cluster(self.my_name,
                                      name = self.my_name,
                                      role_arn = self.my_role.arn,
                                      vpc_config = self.my_vpc_config,
                                      tags = self.my_eks_tags)
... EKS gets created just fine and EKS creates a security group which it adds into self.my_cluster.vpc_config dict. So far so good. I have now EKS and if I add some new piece of code (#2):
... I can access that security group. But the problem is here. If I try to create EKS (#1) and access that security group value (#2) in the same "pulumi up" run I get an error:
KeyError: 'clusterSecurityGroupId'
How do I access that security group id since I need it in later steps?