When creating an EKS cluster, the ClusterOptions o...
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When creating an EKS cluster, the ClusterOptions only allows a single clusterSecurityGroup. Is this a Terraform limitation or how can I associate multiple security groups?
@breezy-hamburger-69619 / @gorgeous-egg-16927?
We have an issue tracking additional security groups for node groups in https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-eks/issues/275, but not additional ones for the cluster. That said, you can pass in your own
as you pointed out. What is your use case for providing more security groups to the cluster? Generally speaking, the cluster security group should be primarily locked down to only the nodes.
the node group will work
the use case is that we have sgs that are specific to purpose and we want to institute scanning that ensures they exist
at the moment we're having to copy rules from those sg's to a single sg