can you gist the full command and output?
# aws
can you gist the full command and output?
pulumi destroy --skip-preview
is the command. The only difference here is that the
pulumi up
was done by circleci but since it failed, I want to destroy the resources that the circleci process created until failed
I don't know if is related but I deployed my code with this (is something that I neved tried before)
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const provider = new aws.Provider(`aws-provider-${region}`, {

(async (): Promise<void> => {
    await pulumi.ProviderResource.register(provider);
Where is
coming from in the arguments to
new aws.Provider()
It's a const just above that line
I was just trying and now I cant revert 🤦‍♂️
Sorry guys, any idea of this issue?
Just FYI. I was able to solve this issue by running
pulumi up
and then
pulumi destroy
. I have no idea what happened before but I think is a bug. The context was that the circleci jobs failed when deploying the stack and when I tried to destroy, this error was being thrown.
BTW, it would be awesome to have a feature like "--rollback-on-failure" or something like that