if i provision a fargate profile for eks, i need t...
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if i provision a fargate profile for eks, i need to have a tag on the subnets that the group uses. the problem i am trying to solve is that those subnets already exist and i do not want to import them as managed resources in pulumi, i just want to ensure my tag is added. is there some way to only manage the tags on a resource?
I don't think I've come across functionality like that yet. Closest I can think of would be to import it and use the option
protect: true
on it, so that Pulumi can only modify it and not delete it.
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Though you could write a resource transformation for the subnets that removes all changes except ones to tag.. that wouldn't be too hard.
Hey Kraig 👋 As tenwit points out, in one update you can
the sg and
it, and use transformations on the sg to ignore changes to the sg
. Then on a proceeding update, you can control and configure the tags map to what you need. You’ll want to include all existing tags in addition to the new one. Here’s a similar example that imports and modifies a sg that could help you.
excellent. thanks to you both!
well, the downside of this is that i cant delete my stack now. i guess i’ll just need to edit the state to remove the protected resources. unfortunately this isnt really a viable solution for managing the tags though