Hi everyone. I'm very new to Pulumi. I've been ban...
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Hi everyone. I'm very new to Pulumi. I've been banging my head at this for about a day and a half already. Hoping anyone might have some insight and can help. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm just wanting to demo out using Pulumi to create an S3 bucket against my LocalStack AWS environment.. I've created an IAM user with an access key/secret key then associated those creds with a new AWS CLI profile. I set the default Pulumi profile to use to be that newly created one. I can't figure out how to properly overwrite the AWS S3 endpoint to be
so that it hits my LocalStack environment. I think I might have kind of got it to work but now I receive this error..
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pulumi up
Enter your passphrase to protect config/secrets: 
Re-enter your passphrase to confirm: 
Previewing update (pulumi-localstack-test):
     Type                     Name                                        Plan       Info
 +   pulumi:pulumi:Stack      s3bucket-localstack-pulumi-localstack-test  create     
 +   ├─ pulumi:providers:aws  provider                                    create     
 +   ├─ aws:s3:Bucket         jon-pulumi-localstack-bucket           create     
     └─ aws:s3:BucketObject   index.html                                             1 error
  aws:s3:BucketObject (index.html):
    error: could not validate provider configuration: 1 error occurred:
    	* : invalid or unknown key: endpoint_url
my YAML file looks like this..
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encryptionsalt: v1:9TawL/1kZPM=:v1:Pnsfgasdfasdfrvxczxv:fhL5utxXvICRviO8bWR6cFXMCEUWJQ==
  aws:endpointUrl: <http://localhost:4556>
  aws:profile: localstack
  aws:region: us-east-1