Hi there, I notice I can’t delete a VPC when I `pu...
# aws
Hi there, I notice I can’t delete a VPC when I
pulumi destroy
my stack with an eks cluster and its dedicated VPC (created with
new awsx.ec2.Vpc()
). It hangs and ultimately fails to delete this VPC (while everything else from the stack has been properly destroyed). If I try to delete it manually with AWS console or CLI, everything’s fine, no error and it’s instantly deleted. I’m using the same AWS profile both for pulumi, the CLI or the console in order to exclude any permissions side effects.
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error: deleting urn:pulumi:integration::platform::platform:Cluster$awsx:x:ec2:Vpc$aws:ec2/vpc:Vpc::main-cluster-main-vpc: Error deleting VPC: DependencyViolation: The vpc 'vpc-0f6b89731e2593036' has dependencies and cannot be deleted.
        status code: 400, request id: fdefca83-99e9-4b10-8d0f-2d3e5b9ab1b7
I don’t know what dependencies it’s talking about (no clue added in the error), and it does not seems to be an issue when deleting manually from console/CLI. What am I missing here ?