I'm struggling with setting up EKS with alb ingres...
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I'm struggling with setting up EKS with alb ingress controller. I followed guide from: https://www.pulumi.com/blog/kubernetes-ingress-with-aws-alb-ingress-controller-and-pulumi-crosswalk/ But I'm struggling to make it work. Needed to modify a bit as was outdated, but it always fails on creation of alb ingress with:
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error: 2 errors occurred:
        * resource test/test-alb-ingress was successfully created, but the Kubernetes API server reported that it failed to fully initialize or become live: 'test-alb-ingress' timed out waiting to be Ready
        * Ingress .status.loadBalancer field was not updated with a hostname/IP address.
        for more information about this error, see <https://pulumi.io/xdv72s>
I'm attaching source code here, would appreciate any help! (No loadbalancer is appearing in AWS after this)