08/02/2020, 10:04 AM
Hi guys, I’ve just started working with Pulumi with the S3 backend, I’m used to work with CloudFormation. From the CloudFormation console it’s easy to find an AWS resource create by the stack, everything is linked under the resources tab. With the
pulimi stack -u
I can get a list of resource but there isn’t an easy way to find them in the AWS console.
Current stack resources (11):
    TYPE                                                           NAME
    pulumi:pulumi:Stack                                            02-cloud-notifier-dev
    │  URN: urn:pulumi:dev::02-cloud-notifier::pulumi:pulumi:Stack::02-cloud-notifier-dev
    ├─ aws:cloudwatch:EventRuleEventSubscription                   handler
    │  │  URN: urn:pulumi:dev::02-cloud-notifier::aws:cloudwatch:EventRuleEventSubscription::handler
    │  ├─ aws:iam/role:Role                                        handler
    │  │     URN: urn:pulumi:dev::02-cloud-notifier::aws:cloudwatch:EventRuleEventSubscription$aws:iam/role:Role::handler