hey all, I have two fargate services that I’ve reg...
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hey all, I have two fargate services that I’ve registered with aws service discovery. one fargate service depends on the hostname assigned to the other service by AWS, yet it doesn’t seem there’s a way to query for it without creating a race condition in pulumi. am I missing something in the API? my code looks something like the following:
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let myFirstServiceRegistryService = new aws.servicediscovery.Service("myFirstFargateService", {
    dnsConfig: {
        namespaceId: nodeServiceDiscoveryNamespace.id,
        dnsRecords: [{
            ttl: 10,
            type: "A"
        routingPolicy: "MULTIVALUE"

let myFirstFargateService = new awsx.ecs.FargateService("myFirstFargateService", {
    serviceRegistries: {
        registryArn: myServiceRegistry.arn,
        containerName: myAppServiceRegistryService

let mySecondFargateService = new awsx.ecs.FargateService("mySecondFargateService", {
    taskDefinitionArgs: {
        containers: {
            mySecondFargateService: {
                environment: [{
                    name: "APP_HOSTNAME",
                    value:  myAppFArgateService HOSTNAME GOES HERE