09/15/2020, 10:57 PM
if anyone can help with this error, that would be awesome. This was deploying just fine yesterday, and then all of a sudden today it can’t find it? Idk what I’m missing all of a sudden, but this one is pretty frustrating… just to note I’ve also tried
pulumi refresh
pulumi stack export > stack.json
and then
pulumi stack import < stack.json
but nothing seems to be helping 😞
error: error creating AppSync Resolver: NotFoundException: No field named showScheduledReport found on type Query
AppSync Resolver:
export const showScheduledReportResolver = new aws.appsync.Resolver(
	resourceName(pulumi, 'showScheduledReport-R'),
		apiId: publicApi.id,
		dataSource: readLambdaDataSource.name,
		field: 'showScheduledReport',
		requestTemplate: mainLambdaRequest(),
		responseTemplate: mainLambdaResponse,
		type: 'Query'
type Query {
        Id: Int!
    ): ScheduledReport
btw if anyone runs into this weird scenario. Just try commenting out your exports for the resolvers, and comment out your gql schema related, deploy, un-comment out re-deploy…