# aws


09/26/2020, 5:50 AM
I’m having some trouble with providers. I do not want to use the aws user logged in on my computer, but pass a secret and access key from code. I figured this would work
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const provider = new aws.Provider('aws', {region: 'eu-west-3',secretKey: 'm/XXX/xxxxx',accessKey: 'XXXXX' });
const cluster = new eks.Cluster('my-cluster',{...},{ provider });
but it deploys using the user on my computer. What am I missing?
putting the access key, secretkey and region in the config also does not work
@broad-dog-22463 It looks like i’m also hit by Did you ever find the reason?
with the env vars loaded it works, guess i’ll use those for now


09/27/2020, 8:12 PM
Pulumi allows credentials (KUBECONFIG, AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, etc) to be overridden by environment variables. From, "Although credentials are recommended, the SDK will prefer environment variables over any other settings". If you unset your AWS environment variables I would expect Pulumi to use the configured settings as described on the setup page.