Is there a best practice for calling the AWS SDK f...
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Is there a best practice for calling the AWS SDK from my pulumi program? Currently writing in C# and most of my infrastructure is defined in the constructors for my different stacks. Essentially, I need to create a table in Athena and there is no way to do it through the current Pulumi (terraform) API
I could set the resources to have static names, but I'd rather use the dynamic ones so I don't run into collision issues
Assuming your SDK code is dependent on Pulumi code, you'll need to run it in an
that's dependent on the resource that Pulumi creates. Or, you could use automation-api, that might make the structure a little easier to read.
Automation api is not available for dotnet/c#... yet
A dynamic provider might be the way to go, but those are also currently not supported for dotnet/c#
Yep, so the apply route might be best. But if you wanted to write a small nodejs or golang wrapper around your C# pulumi code... actually, might as well write two C# apps at the point, and call both from a script...
Not elegant, but certainly easy..
gotcha thanks!